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Winter-warming food in Spain

If you are planning to book a luxury Marbella villa for a family party, a birthday celebration or a special occasion in southern Spain this winter, make sure you sample some of the most delicious and warming local cuisine during your stay.

Some of the best winter-warming food in Spain includes:

Fabada Asturiana

This hearty stew may hail from, Asturias, in the north of Spain but it is enjoyed country-wide during the cooler months. Slow-cooked large white beans with garlic, smoked paprika, saffron, ham hock, bacon and chorizo result in a delicious casserole, perfect when served with fresh crusty bread with a nice glass of red!

Arroz con Bogavante

If you are a seafood-lover, splash out on the celebrated lobster with rice. The sauce is made up of onion, red pepper, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, saffron, garlic, fresh herbs and fish stock. Choose a large lobster to soak up the juices and serve with a chilled glass of white wine and plenty of fresh bread.

Churros con Chocolate

There’s no other way to eat churros (despite the traditions in some Spanish cities) than with a hot cup of thick chocolate. Churros are deep-fried crispy wands of doughy goodness, perfect for dipping into your hot chocolate in one of Marbella’s vibrant cafeterias. Great for breakfast!

Rabo de Toro

Spanish bull tail is one of Spain’s most typical stews and dates to Roman times. Especially popular in the cooler months, the meat needs to be braised slowly so that it falls off the bone and is cooked with onions, garlic, carrots, leek, red pepper, tomatoes, red wine, bay leaves, cloves, ginger and beef stock. Serve with home-made chips or mash for a delicious Spanish meal.

Sopa de Pescado

Nothing warms the cockles quite so much as a flavourful fish soup. Chunks of white fish, prawns and clams are added to a broth made with fish stock, tomatoes, saffron, chilli, garlic, a cup of white wine and paprika. Perfect with croutons, topped with ali-oli – garlic mayonnaise. Sprinkle with fresh parsley.

Huevos Rotos

Literally translated as ‘broken eggs’, this traditional dish is the ultimate in winter comfort food. A heaping plate of home-made chips is topped with perfectly fried eggs and, optional, thin slices of best Iberian ham. The eggs are cut up and the runny yolk covers the chips underneath – simple but absolutely delicious!

Hot spiced sangria

Last but by far from least, if you want some sizzle on your sausage, make this potent and warming spiced sangria. Mix together, apple juice, mixed fruit, red wine, honey, red wine, cloves, star anise and a small cup of brandy or vermouth. Warm this all in a pan and serve hot – perfect for those chilly winter nights.

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